Battlefield V

DICE has released a new Battlefield 5 patch 4.2.1 update. The latest update is a small patch update that only adds a new playable map called Marita. According to the release note, the latest Battlefield 5 patch 4.2.1 update is around 500MB in size on Xbox One and 300MB on PC.

Players will be able to download and installed the latest Battlefield 5 patch 4.2.1 update after they relaunch the game. This patch update, however, doesn’t bring any changes or bug fixes to the game. DICE will also have a newer Marita playlist live for 32 Player modes starting August 8 that switches between Domination, Frontlines, and TDM.

The dev also notes about a known issue on the new map Marita, where under certain circumstances, an overly bright reflection from the Sun is causing an unintentional Glare effect that’s present with Aiming Down Sight.

You can check out the full details on the latest Battlefield 5 patch 4.2.1 update here.

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