Hitman 2 update

IO Interactive has released the new Hitman 2 July patch update aka patch 2.50 update. The latest Hitman 2 patch update is now available to download on all platforms including PC, PS4 and Xbox One. According to the patch notes the size update is expected to be approximately 1.7 GB on consoles and 850 MB on PC. I think the update file size is not that big and it can be downloaded easily. However, the latest Hitman 2 patch 2.50 as its main highlight brings a new map called Siberia in the Sniper Assassin mode for Expansion Pass owners.

The update further adds Hawke’s Bay to Contracts Mode and all players are now finally get the opportunity to use three iconic disguises, one from each of IOI’s iconic previous titles. The new Sniper Assassin Map: Siberia features two new targets where you as agent 47 must eliminate them and start a prison riot to cover his tracks.

IOI is also giving three suits to anyone who signup for the free IOI account. This includes three suits inspired by characters from our previous games; Futo, Lynch and Christoper Stone (The Freedom Phantom). Now, let’s check out the Hitman 2 latest Hitman 2 Patch 2.50 notes below.

Hitman 2 Update 1.17 PS4, Xbox One & PC Patch Notes

Game Update 2.50: What’s NEW?

Sniper Assassin Map Siberia

  • Sniper Assassin Map: Siberia (Expansion Pass)
    Agent 47’s latest long-range mission takes him to one of the harshest climates on the planet, where he must eliminate two targets and start a prison riot to cover his tracks.
    The mission name for this location is ‘Crime and Punishment’ and will include new trophies and achievements to earn. Agent 47’s rifle for this mission, ICA Druzhina 34 Arctic, can also be unlocked for use in all sandbox locations.
  • Contracts Mode in Hawke’s Bay
    We’re adding Hawke’s Bay to your options for Contracts Mode. Create your own missions by tagging targets and setting the complications and requirements for others. Have fun!
  • Anniversary Suits
    Celebrate 20 years of IOI with these suits inspired by characters from our previous games; Futo, Lynch, and Christoper Stone (The Freedom Phantom).
    Previously exclusive to the HITMAN: Definitive Edition, these in-game suits will be available in HITMAN 2 for anyone who signs up for a free IOI Account.

Game Update 2.50: What’s Changing?

  • Camera Grids
    A few months back, we made a change where security camera grids were always visible. We’ve now added this as a setting in the Options>Gameplay>Camera Grid menu. This will be set to ‘On’ by default but can also be changed to ‘Off’. When the setting is ‘On’, camera grids will always be shown whether in Instinct or not. When set to ‘Off’, camera grids will only be shown when in Instinct.
  • Illegal HUD Prompts
    We’ve made a visual change to alert players when they are about to pick up an illegal item or perform an illegal action. Previously, there would be a small red exclamation point attached to the interaction button. Now, we have added a slightly larger exclamation point next to the interaction button and we’ve made the interaction circle turn red (rather than white) when performing the action. The ambition with these two small tweaks is to make it more apparent to players that they are about to perform an action that is illegal.
  • Stash Icon
    We’ve added a small visual change to the Stash Points in-game (e.g trash cans) that will show a subtle icon to indicate to players that an item has been stashed there. Currently, each Stash Point has the interaction marker (small white square) that indicates that you can interact with an item. Now, that interaction marker will be ‘filled in’ to indicate that an item is stashed there. In the example below, it is now easier to see that an item is stashed in the trash can (the icon is filled in), but there is nothing in the briefcase (icon is empty).

PC-Specific Fixes

  • SSAO
    The ‘SSAO’ setting now has more options to select. Previously, this setting had two options; on or off. Now it has six options; Off, Minimum, Low, Medium, High and Ultra. These can be set in-game or via the Launcher.

You can find the full details on the latest Hitman 2 patch 2.50 update here along with all the known issues which still needs to be fixed.