Realme 64MP Quad Camera

Last week Redmi teased its first 64MP smartphone camera sample by showing up a zoomed-in image into a cats’ eyes. Now, Realme has announced that it will unveil and show off world’s first 64MP Quad Camera on a smartphone at Realme camera innovation event on August 8 in New Delhi. However, Realme hasn’t shared any other details on its first Quad Camera smartphone that it’s going to unveil on August 8.

Realme has also shared a teaser image on its official twitter account which shows companies first Quad Camera setup. We can also see the 64MP written below the first camera among others.

Realme is calling its 64MP quad-camera technology as a leap to Quad camera and it’s using a hashtag as #LeapToQuadCamera. We will know more about the Realme’s upcoming 64MP Quad Camera smartphone on August 8 till then we will have to wait for the Realme camera innovation event.


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