Google Pixel 4

Google is expected to launch its upcoming Google Pixel 4 device soon. However, previous leaks have already confirmed the design of the phone that it will come with a triple rear camera setup placed on a square camera bump on the left rear.

Now, we have the first official-looking promo video of the upcoming Google Pixel 4 leaked, courtesy of the Pro Android. The leaked promo video of the Pixel 4 shows some key features of the device live in action. It includes the most rumoured Pixel 4 astrophotography photo mode, air gestures as well as improved Google Assitant.

The video shows that with Google Pixel 4 users will be able to take stunning clear photos even in the dark night. The video even shows that users will be able to capture photos even of stars with the Pixel’s new Night Sight functionality.

The leaked Pixel 4 video further shows its air gesture functionality, where a user can be seen skipping a song without touching the phone’s display.

Lastly, the video shows the all-new and improved version of Google Assistant live in action. In the video, the Google Assistant get commands to display my photos of Tokyo, the once with food and then it is asked to share that photo to a friend, and all this happens over a single line of command.

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