Minecraft has received a new 1.95 patch update on PS4. The latest Minecraft 1.95 patch is now available to download and it brings a number of fixes to game crashes when pushing a button into the top of a door, and navigating the fireworks crafting menu. The latest patch update for the Minecraft is more like a hotfix patch update that brings a number fixes related to crashes. Check out the full Minecraft Update 1.95 Patch Notes below.

Minecraft Update 1.95 Patch Notes For PS4

Change log for Patch 1.95 – September 9th 2019

  • Fix for crash when pushing a button into the top of a door
  • Fix for a crash when navigating the fireworks crafting menu
  • Fix for MCCE #10011 – Added Wood (Bark) blocks -> Planks recipes.
  • Fix for MCCE #10012 Redstone cannot be placed on Glass.
  • Fix for MCCE #9978 – Stone Mason has wrong price for Chiseled Brick.
  • Fix for MCCE #9653 – Fixed Rail Blocks not dropping when the block below them is destroyed.
  • Fix for Stone Masons wanting Glazed Terracotta instead of offering it.

Minecraft is available now for PS4, Xbox One, PC, Nintendo Switch, and Smartphones.