Essential Upcoming Phone
Image: Essential

It was last year when an Essential spokesperson said: “We are sold out of Essential Phone and won’t be adding any new inventory”. “The spokesperson also revealed that the team at Essential is working hard on the next mobile product. Now, Essential founder Andy Rubin has shared first details including a short video and some live images of its upcoming Essential phone. The upcoming Essential phone at very first sight looks like a TV remote with an unusually large display and a single rear-mounted camera with a bump. The upcoming Essential phone also appears to have a fingerprint reader just below the rear camera.

The Essential phone also appears to have a very shiny and reflective rear panel with four distinct colors shades of blue, gold, magenta and cyan green. We can also see the power keys and the volume rocker keys on the right edge of the phone. There also appears to be another key on the upper edge and a large speaker grille above the display.

Essential founder Andy also tweeted the upcoming phone to be coming with new UI for a radically different form factor. Essential say that the upcoming Essential phone is currently in the early testing phase with their team outside the lab.

Notably, the Essential hasn’t revaeled the name of its upcoming phone. However, the company is using the #ProjectGEM in its tweet which suggests that the upcoming Essential phone might come as part of the Project GEM. More details on the phone are said to be coming in the near future.