Knockout League

If you like playing boxing game on your Oculus Quest VR headset then developer Grab Games have brought you a new boxing game that will let you punch your opponents in a cartoony way. Grab Games have now finally launched their single-player arcade-style VR boxing game the Knockout League on Oculus Quest. Notably, the Knockout League was previously available on Oculus Rift and now Oculus Quest players can also enjoy this game on their VR headset.

Knockout League is a 1980s-inspired boxing VR game which you can compare with Nintendo’s classic arcade-style boxing game, Punch-Out.

The best thing about the Knockout League is that the game comes with the cross-buy support, so if you already have this game on your Oculus Rift then you can get the Knockout League on your Oculus Quest for free.

The Knockout League features nine animated opponents players can fight with including, Scurvy Jones, Sir Octopunch and more. The game also features four different mini-games with Coach Doug Johnson to train yourself for the boxing matches.

Each character is loaded with their own set of fighting style. You will also experience the game more difficult as you progress in the game. So why to wait? just play the Knockout League now on your Oculus Quest.