Google Stadia Web Store

Now you can buy your favourite Google Stadia games directly from your chrome browser. Google now has launched a dedicated web-based Google Stadia store for purchasing games from your desktop Chrome web browser. To recall, Google’s cloud-based gaming service Stadia launched last month with 22 game titles on day one on November 19th.

Until now, there was only a Stadia mobile app to browse and purchase games. But now, Google Stadia user will be able to browse and purchase games through the Google Stadia web store online.

In order to access the Google Stadia web store, you will need to log in with your Stadia account on the Stadia home page. If you already have an active Google Stadia account then you all good to go.

On the page of the new web-based Google Stadia store, you will first find some of the featured games on top. Then you will find other titles listed under different categories such as the best Stadia games, Stadia Pro games, more to discover and all games category.

Along with the game titles, you will also find the pricing for each game. You can simply click on an individual game to get on its dedicated page ad purchase the game.

The new web-based Stadia store will now allow players to purchase games through different devices which has the chrome browser installed.



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