Myths Debunked About Social Intranet Platforms


A majority of effective communication strategies are known for generating brilliant content. But the scenario completely changes when you ask a particular company’s employees if they have a specific way to share their opinions, suggestions, or ideas within their organization. Ideas don’t always come to employees during work hours, which raises an interesting question – How can employees share their content during offline hours even?

How about social intranet platforms? What really comes into your head when you first think about them? Yes, they are highly interactive and collaborative and they can expand the company’s digital conversation.

There are plenty of unfair myths that are floating around about social intranet software, but most of these myths should be disregarded. Let’s take a look at some of the most common myths and see why they should be disregarded.

Myth 1: Not at all relevant anymore

This statement about social intranet platforms is 100% untrue. They are more relevant than ever as they have evolved perfectly while being better and more prominent. Beyond doubt, they have matured into becoming a vital part of every workplace’s digital zone. Why do you think most Fortune 500 companies use one?

Myth 2: They are entirely passive

Every social intranet software is only successful when it is not static. Why? It needs to be dynamic and should be updated with the latest company news, events, content, and relevant interactions. Nowadays, most of the available products are designed in such a way that updates occur automatically, which helps with content control and curation.

Myth 3: Only management can curate intranet content

This myth is also totally unfair and untrue. With some companies back in the early inception of the intranet, intranet content was curated by senior team members and was individually operated just to share essential news.

But this top-down approach didn’t work for long and led to the discovery and design of contemporary social intranet platforms because no one wanted them to be static (Consider Myth 2). Only letting senior management curate content creates a communication gap, acts as a barrier, and also stops employees from making valuable contributions.

Myth 4: Only the IT department can manage it

If this was the actual case, then what would a business do without a fully-fledged IT department? Again, this particular myth is not valid. It is an erroneous assumption about social intranet platforms and represents it in the wrong way.

They are designed in a way so that any employee can operate within an Intranet, regardless of their technical ability. Undoubtedly, it is always much better to consult or seek for a reliable intranet provider who can assist you with the installation, setup, and personalization of the user interface.

Myth 5: They are only for large-scale organizations

There’s a right social intranet software for every business, regardless of their size, type, and preferences. Even startups can use an intranet solution so that every process becomes optimized and communication becomes more fluent between departments and employees.

So what are you waiting for? Do some quick research and get a suitable social intranet platform for your business, and see the engagement and productivity improve.


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