Animal Crossing Switch Model Might Get the Save Data Back Up Feature Soon

Animal Crossing Nintendo

Yesterday we heard the news that the new Animal Crossing: New Horizons Nintendo Switch model won’t support “Save Data Storage” or save data back up features for Switch online subscribers. The news started a new discussion between Switch players that how they will save their online gameplay data on the new Animal Crossing Switch model.

Nintendo on its official website yesterday announced that new Switch model won’t support “Save Data Storage” for Nintendo Switch Online. But now it seems that Animal Crossing: New Horizons might possibly get the Save Data Back-Up soon on Nintendo Switch.


Nintendo in an updated post yesterday shared some new details regarding the “Save Data Storage” for Animal Crossing Switch model and answered a few questions.

First thing Nintendo confirmed that there will only be a single save data file for one island. Even if you play digital and physical versions of the game on the new Switch model.

However, giving the answer to the question that “Does Nintendo Switch Online support “Save Data”?, Nintendo said that the software does not support “Save Data Storage” of Nintendo Switch Online. However, to save it from any case of failure, loss or theft of the Nintendo Switch there is a new possible function to back up save data is currently in the plan.

Nintendo, however, didn’t share when this new save data back up feature will be available for the Switch online subscribers. But it did note that the new features will be limited to Nintendo Switch Online subscribers only.

The new update from Nintendo now confirms that a possible save data feature is now in the plan. You can check out other answered questions here.

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