Monster Hunter World

Monster Hunter World has received a new patch 12.11 update on consoles, where PS4 players will see this update with version number 12.11 and Xbox One players with Ver. The PC players will see this patch update with version number 11.50. The new patch seems to be a hotfix update that fixes a number of issues related to the game including an issue related to Observation Log photos.

The latest patch update for the Monster Hunter World also brings fixes to issues which started after the recent patch version 11.50. You can check out the Monster Hunter World full patch 11.50.01 notes below.

Monster Hunter World Update 12.11 Patch Notes

We have released fix patch Ver. 11.50.01, addressing the following issues:

● Fixed an issue where Observation Logs photos would not be recognized correctly under certain PC setups.

● Fixed an issue where crashes would happen while using AMD graphics cards.

● Fixed an issue where DX12 users would experience rare crashes, regardless of the type of graphics cards.

Note: Some users may not notice an improvement, depending on their specific hardware or system. We apologize for the inconvenience, but we appreciate your patience as we continue looking into these issues further.

● Fixed an issue where players could not enter their Room under certain PC setups.

● Adjusted the frequency of your Palico’s voice dialogue while they’re on standby.

● Fixed an issue where Steamworks reward item numbers didn’t match the actual number of items you received.

Before you update your game to the latest 12.11 patch. We would recommend you to read all the official recommended steps before patching the game to the latest version here.