Xbox Series X gameplay
Image: Microsoft

Dynamic Voltage Games, the team behind Final Star for Xbox One and Pirates of First Star for Xbox One and PC, will announce this week an exclusive game for Xbox Series X, Microsoft’s next-generation console, which will run at 4K resolution smoothly at 120 frames per second.

“Later this coming week I will be debuting gameplay for my first XBSX exclusive – which will be native 4K and 120fps,” the studio said early Sunday morning on its Twitter account. “That’s the good news. The bad news is I can’t even capture 4k / 120,” they added from Dynamic Voltage Games.

This studio has so far published two video games. Final Star is a side perspective ship shooting game, reminiscent of the classics of the eighties and nineties, and in which players can improve their vehicles. Pirates of First Star mixes the traditional graphic adventure with Tetris confrontations and sim simulator activities in a pirate game.

When Microsoft unveiled the technical specifications for its new console a week ago, they explained that the goal was for the games to be displayed at 4K resolution and at 60 frames per second. However, the console can go up to 120 fps and use a variable frame rate on VRR compatible televisions/monitors; It can also reach 8K resolution for video games and multimedia content.

You can check all the technical details and functionalities announced to date of Xbox Series X in this report, where you will find information on how the internal storage of the console will be expanded, which video games are backward compatible, which accessories will work and more.