PlayStation 5

This year, players will be witnessing the two most powerful gaming consoles, the Microsft’s Xbox Series X and Sony’s PlayStation 5. While Microsft has so far revealed many details including the name, design, full specification and features of its upcoming Xbox Series X console. We also have a couple of key specs details about the Sony PlayStation 5. Now In addition to PS5 specs details. GameStop listing has revealed more details about PlayStation 5.

One of the major features which GameStop listing revaeled is that the PS5 will support backwards compatibility for PlayStation 4 games and PSVR hardware. You should note that Xbox Series X has also been confirmed to bring backwards compatibility to Xbox 360 and original Xbox games.

Other details which the GameStop listing reveals that PS5 will support 8K displays. However, the live version of the PS5 page on the GameStop now has that specs section removed.

To recall, in an interview given to the magazine Wired, system architect Mark Cerny confirmed several PlayStation 5 details. Mark had revealed that Sony’s next-gen gaming console will have a 3rd-generation AMD Ryzen CPU with eight cores built on the company’s 7nm Zen 2 microarchitecture.

The graphics unit is described as a custom version of the Navi family. Navi is the new generation of Radeon GPUs, following on Polaris and Vega. It also supports ray-tracing, custom unit for 3D audio and an advanced lighting technique. PS5 will also arrive with an SSD to accelerate rendering and reduce load times.

Sony, however hasan’t yet confirmed the price, release date, or even games for its upcoming PlayStation 5 console. Though we expect it arriving on holiday 2020.

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