How to Enable or Use Realme UI Dual-Mode Audio or Dual Earphones Feature

Dual-Mode Audio
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One of the key features which Realme introduced with its latest Realme UI 1.0 is the Dual-Mode Audio feature or the Dual Earphones feature. The new Dual-Mode Audio feature aims at providing Realme users with a way to share their phones audio to another person via their Phone’s Speaker, a Wired Audio Device and a Bluetooth Audio Device.

The new Dual-Mode Audio features is basically a helpful feature for user who wants their phones Audio to listen in two different scenarios listed below.

  • One is when you want to share the same Audio with the other person.
  • And the second when you want to listen your phone’s audio over Bluetooth and the other person want to listen your phone’s media audio over a Wired headphone.

In a more simple world, the new Dual-Mode Audio feature can be described as to allow your friend or another person to listen to the media audio of your phone over a Wired headphone. While you listen to the phone call audio using the Bluetooth.

Now, if you haven’t yet used this feature on your Realme device or heard about it then let me explain here how you can enable or use Dual-Mode Audio feature or the Dual Earphones feature on your Realme phone.

Please note, that this feature is only available to Realme devices running on the latest Realme UI 1.0. If you haven’t yet received the latest Reale UI update on your phone then you can’t make use of this new feature.

Here is how you can Enable or Use Realme UI Dual-Mode Audio or Dual Earphones Feature

  • Step 1- Go to your phone’s Settings and then open Bluetooth Settings. Connect to your Bluetooth audio devices now. This could be your Realme Buds Air in this case.
  • Step 2- Now go back to Settings and scroll down to the bottom and choose Realme Lab. Now in order to make the Dual Audio Menu enable. Make sure you have both of your, Wired and Bluetooth headphone devices connected to your phone.
  • Step 3- Now, when you see the Dual Mode Audio option, tap on it to enable the Dual Mode Audio feature.
  • Step 4- Now Put a check in the list of devices. If you are using a Realme Buds Air and wired headphones then you will check both the devices.

Following the steps above you can make use of the Dual-Mode Audio or Dual Earphones Feature on your Realme phone. Also note, that this feature is currently in development mode as Realeme hasan’t yet released the final stable of its Realme UI 1.0 for every of its Realme phones.

To recall, Realme recently released the latest Realme UI based on the latest Android 10 stable update for the Realme X2 and Realme X2 Pro users in India.

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