Oppo Ace Infinity to Come with FreeVOOC, World’s First Air Charging Technology


Vice President and President of Global Marketing of Oppo Brian Shen today made an exciting announcement for Oppo fans. The VP today via his official twitter account announced that Oppo will debut world’s first Air Charging Technology called FreeVOOC on its upcoming Oppo Ace Infinity smartphone.

Brian also shared a short teaser trailer showing off Oppo Ace Infinity FreeVOOC Air Charging Technology. Brian also revealed that the new FreeVOOC Air Charging Technology can charge a smartphone within 10m distance of the charger when it is stationary. The new, technology sound interesting as it will allow users to charge their smartphones within 10m distance os the charger.

The teaser also gave us the first glimpse of the upcoming Oppo Ace Infinity smartphone. As we can see in the teaser video above, the Oppo Ace Infinity will come featuring a triple rear camera setup. Underneath, we will have the Ace branding and at the bottom Oppo logo.

The Ace branding on the rear of the Oppo Ace Infinity also appears to have a glowing red colour light. Which I think will light up when the phone is in the charging mode.

The teaser video also shows us the FreeVOOC’s charging animation. In another tweet, Brian also revealed that the Oppo Ace Infinity uses 4 layer conversion technology to charge with up to 5 to 10W power over 10m. As for the release date for the Oppo Ace Infinity. Brian said that the Oppo Ace Infinity is currently set for a release in China only for now.

However, despite this has been shared by Oppo’s VP. Some people still think that this could a great April fool joke since the announcement has been on the 1st of April 2020. Do you also think that Brian has made an April fool joke? let me know what you think in the comments below.


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