All Persona 5 DLC is Available for Free in Persona 5 Royal

Persona 5

Persona 5 Royal is out now on PlayStation 4 in the West. If you are one of those who plan to buy this edition or are already playing it, then this news will surely make you happy, because along with the debut of the game, a special package arrived with all the DLC of the original game and the best thing is that it is available for free.

As you may know, prior to the release of Persona 5 Royal in both the West and Japan, it was reported that players of this new version could obtain the DLC of the original title in exchange for a reduced price, at least for Japan, so that it was not known how it would work in the West.


Fortunately for Persona 5 Royal buyers, today it’s known that they won’t have to spend to get all the content that is available in Persona 5, as all the DLC that originally came is available in one bundle, the Persona 5 Royal Legacy Bundle and on the PlayStation Store and everyone can download it for free. It is important to say that this DLC only works with the new version of the game and not in the original one.

As we tell you, the DLC package does not appear on the disc nor is it installed automatically, instead the player will have to go to the PlayStation Store, search for the Legacy Bundle DLC, download and install it in order to enjoy it. In addition to this, you should know that the Tracksuit Costume Set package is also available and gives some characters a new look at no cost.

In the case of Legacy Bundle, we inform you that it includes several packages that provide an aesthetic change to the protagonists, thanks to themed outfits, such as swimsuits, but there is also gameplay content that adds some people.

Persona 5 Royal arrived exclusively for PlayStation 4. What do you think about this news? Will you take advantage to download the entire Persona 5 DLC? Tell us in the comments below.


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