PUBG Mobile to Officially Get New Cold Front Survival Mode on April 16 with Drones, Snowstorm and More

Cold Front Survival

The new PUBG Mobile Extreme Cold a.k.a Cold Front Survival Mode was leaked earlier this year in January. The new mode was leaked to be a new survival mode set in chilling cold weather and was reported to be in the beta phase at that time. Now, Tencent Games has officially announced that the new Extreme Cold a.k.a Cold Front Survival Mode for PUBG Mobile will be available on April 16.

Collect Wood and Hunt for Animals

Notably, the new Cold Front Survival Mode for PUBG Mobile is likely to come with the upcoming PUBG Mobile patch update version 0.17.0. In the new mode, players will have to survive in the extreme cold weather by collecting and igniting woods, hunting animals such as Chicken and Reindeer around the map.


Snowboards and Drones

In the new PUBG Mobile Cold Front Survival Mode, players will also find Snowboards as an additional loot item around the map. Players will be able to use these Snowboards to Skie downhill to reach their destinations.

As part of the addition loot item added into the new Cold Front Survival Mode in PUBG Mobile. Players will also find Drone while looting. Players can fly these drones to spot the enemy from the air.


Finally, there will be Snowstorm in the new PUBG Mobile Cold Front Survival Mode. The Snowstorm will have its own running time similar to the Blue Zone. This means that in the new mode, you will get two timers one for the Blue Zone and one for Snowstorm. However, to survive during the Snowstorm, you will need to lit up a fire and stay around it until the storm stops.

Please note that you will lose a lot of health if you are outside. Even inside a house, you will lose a small percentage of your health every second. Also note, that you can only lit up a fire at specific locations of the map.

To check out the upcoming Extreme Cold a.k.a Cold Front Survival Mode for PUBG Mobile and its features live in action you can watch the video below.

YouTube video

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