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Renovation is the perfect way to add a clean new look to your home. Possibly, you could plan to give it a modern upgrade and change it completely. It is a fair amount less costly than purchasing a new one and can be more satisfying, as well. Painting is the most common form of renovation homeowners undertake.

Add a fresh coat of paint, and that could make all the difference in the world. Deciding on the right painter for the job (and finding ‘painters near me’) boils down to what exactly is needing to be painted and the painter’s field of expertise. Discover painters near you and get a free quote from people that have already done the leg work. 

Looking for Painters Near Me

Nowadays, the first thing you probably do is search the internet for “painters near me.” The search results can be overwhelming and difficult to navigate. There are so many reasons to be cautious about choosing the right company and several things could go wrong. In the long run, mistakes can cost you time, money, and your sanity.

Therefore, it is important to carefully examine the choices. There are many factors to consider, such as price, reliability, timeframe, and quality.  Also, you should look for a painter’s experience and skill, specifically, for the type of job you need to be done.

Industrial Painting

Industrial painting involves commercial properties and large, heavy-duty properties. The painters working on these jobs need to be familiar with the proper building codes and understand what will be best to withstand the elements, usage, and maintenance. Commercial type buildings require different materials and technique, due to the larger areas and harder wear and tear than in residential homes.

Home Decorative Painting

Residential properties have different needs than commercials when it comes to painting.  Usage of the home causes its own type of wear and tear, traffic patterns, and functionality. Also, homes have a more personal meaning and aesthetics are subjective to the owner and people that live there.

This type of painter needs to have knowledge about what lasts in a home and how to care for the property. They need to be able to work with individuals and be able to produce a product that fits the owner’s vision. This particular type of painting may include some of the other specific skills listed here.

Trim and Detail Painting

Part of the renovation may involve the more intricate work of painting trims or detailed areas. Some painters may have more experience and skill in this area. Special tools and techniques can be the factors in producing a quality outcome and in a timely manner. Different types of paints may be used on trims and doors for usage and maintenance reasons. Detail work may, also, include mural paintings, faux painting, and unusual projects.

Exterior/ Interior Painting

Whether commercial or residential, the renovation may be taking place either on the outside, the inside, or both. The painter needs to consider the weathering of the outdoor elements on the exterior, or the wear and tear of family usage on the interior surfaces. Toxins and cleanability are important factors when choosing paints. 

New/ Restoration Painting

Renovate means to renew or to restore. A renovation can take something and return it to a better state, to refresh and revive it. If you are restoring your home, you may be putting a fresh coat of paint on top of old peeling paint or stain that has been varnished.

Perhaps, you are freshening up the bathroom trim that has been chewed up by the beloved family dog. These projects need special attention and care before painting. The prep work may involve additional materials and repair prior to the application of the new paint.

On the other hand, if you are planning to replace areas of your home with new trim, walls, or cabinets, these tasks will need to be approached differently. New wood will need to be treated and primed. Quality painters will know what is best for each situation.

Help Find Painters Near Me

So, finding the painters with the skill sets you to need for your renovation are important and vetting painters is crucial before hiring. But, it takes time and effort. There are so many options and not all the choices are even easy to research. You say to yourself, “I wish there was an easier way to find painters near me.” Well, there is an easier way. With a third-party company or concierge type organization, you can save time and money.

A company like will take care of the vetting process for you. They have already done the leg work in most cases and they know what experience and professionalism look like. will filter through the contractors in your area, looking for those that offer quality and value at a reasonable cost.

Depending on the job you need to be done, they can find you a painter with experience to match. can provide you access to many other services, such as moving services, insurance, and home security. This will get you a painter you can depend on, without the hassle, and with tons of perks.

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