In most video games we get to play as the brave hero that has to rescue a damsel in distress or save the world from being destroyed at the hands of an evil monster. Quite fortunately, every once in a while a certain video game that moves away from those premises is released and it turns out to be quite refreshing.

That’s the case of Maneater, an action role-playing game that will let you play as one of the animals with a worse reputation in the ocean: a shark. It may sound strange that a shark could be the protagonist of an RPG but Maneater does a very good job following the story of a baby bull shark that was separated from his mother at birth and disfigured by a fearsome shark hunter called Scaly Pete.

The baby shark will have to fight to survive as he grows to become the deadly apex predator that he was mean to be and prove that he will be cunning enough to take revenge on Scaly Pete.

Maneater is an adventure that combines underwater exploration and survival mechanics to deliver a thrilling experience. Playing as the baby shark, you a considered a threat by most of the animals in the sea but also but all the humans above the surface. But you can’t deny what you are, and like a proud predator, you will proudly terrorize everyone in your territory as you grow strong enough to challenge your deadliest enemies: the humans.

Maneater Official Launch Trailer

Your thirst for revenge will only be quenched when you destroy Scaly Pete and thanks to your ability to evolve by eating different types of prey, you are one step closer to that.

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You will grow and evolve far beyond what nature originally intended and your body will transform to reflect those changes making you faster and more resilient. Only armed with your sharp teeth you will prove to be a threat big enough to become feared by everyone.

Halfway between a critic of how humans behave towards wildlife and an epic adventure with an unlikely protagonist, Maneater is a really fun experience that will have you glued to your screen for a while. If you want to find the best price to buy it, all you have to do is visiting anytime.

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