Valorant’s Competitive Ranked Mode, Important Features


Riot has announced how Valorant’s competitive Ranked mode will work. The main purpose of the upcoming Ranked mode is to provide a ranking system for players which is based on how they play. This mode will be added to the Valorant at 0.49 release, but the exact date wasn’t announced.

To be able to play at Ranked mode each player should complete 20 Unrated matches after that Competitive mode will be unlocked. Ranked mode consist of 8 ranks: Iron, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Immortal, and Valorant. Each of them has 3 tiers except Valorant rank. Track your rankstats, and check leaderboards of top players you can on Valorant Tracker.


Your rank will be calculated on the win-loss ratio. Each victory will increase your score and each losing will drop down your rank. The most important thing in the player ranking is the result of the match, win, or loss, but as Riot says, the personal performance of players will also have an impact. So if you lose a match but you played well, you will lose fewer points than other teammates.

Riot developers say that personal performance will have a big impact at the beginning of the evaluation of your skill, but later this impact will decrease in favor win-loss ratio.

An additional factor that will impact a player’s ranking is how decisively you lose or win. It means that if you win with score 13-2 than you will get more points to your ranking. But if you lose with such a big gap then you will lose more points than usual.

Feature the Riot has added to Valorant’s competitive Ranked mode is that you can play in a party of 5 players and the Valorant algorithm find for you another party of 5 players. There is only one thing, players can play together if they are within 2 ranks. This mechanic added to prevent imbalance in the game.

As soon Valorant goes live, player rankings will be dropped. And all players will have to earn points again. Be prepared for this.

Rizwan Ahmad
Rizwan Ahmad

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