After weeks of teasers and wait, Insurgency: Sandstorm Operation Nightfall free update 1.7 is now finally live for PC-only players since the console version of the game is yet to be released. According to the 1.7 patch notes, the update brings Operation: Nightfall, a new way of playing the game in the dark-themed maps. Notably, with the latest Operation: Nightfall update you will be able to play in a dark night variant of every map including the brand-new Tideway map.

Alongside, Operation: Nightfall update also brings new night-themed gear to help you play – Night Vision Goggles, flashlights, infrared gadgets, and more. You can check it all in action in the video below. Notably, Operation: Nightfall is a huge update, and to celebrate this, the game is also being offered at 50% off on Steam until June 20th!

The latest Insurgency: Sandstorm Operation Nightfall updates 1.7 brings a new night mode is to co-op with modified enemy AI responsive to light, as well as Versus in limited-time playlists and on community servers. This update also brings five new weapons including Honey Badger, AS Val, Sterling, Grease Gun, and Welrod, also available for free.

Alongside, the Nightfall update also brings the first paid cosmetic DLC packs to purchase. With these new cosmetic DLC packs, players can get their characters and weapons a unique look. Check out the main contents, bug fixes, and additional hotfixes added in the latest Insurgency: Sandstorm Operation Nightfall Update 1.7 patch notes below.

Insurgency: Sandstorm Operation Nightfall Update 1.7 Patch Notes

New Map: Tideway


Tideway is a reimagining of the classic Insurgency 2014 map Buhriz. It’s been totally overhauled with a more beautified river, more dense village layout, and UNIQUE SAND COLORS. Read more about it in our State of Production #9 post here.

Tideway has the following scenarios available:

  • Push Security
  • Push Insurgents
  • Domination
  • Frontline
  • Firefight
  • Checkpoint Security
  • Checkpoint Insurgents
  • Hardcore Checkpoint Security
  • Hardcore Checkpoint Insurgents

New Weapons: Honey Badger, AS Val, Sterling, Grease Gun, and Welrod

DLC Cosmetics

  • Ghillie Hat with Cap and Headset
  • Ghillie Suit Top and Combat Shirt
  • Ghillie Suit Bottom and Combat Pants
Security Midnight Blue Weapon Skin Set
  • Honey Badger
  • M4A1
  • G3A3
  • M870
  • Mk 14 EBR
  • PF940
Insurgent Nightstalker Gear Set
  • Full Face Helmet with Shemagh
  • Shoulder Cloak and Vest
  • Handwraps
  • Combat Cargo Pants
  • Combat Boots
Insurgent Red Dark Weapon Skin Set
  • AS VAL
  • AKM
  • FAL
  • TOZ-194
  • SVD
  • M9
Night Ops Set

(This set is a bundle of all 4 DLC above at a reduced price)

Night Maps
All of our maps, as well as our brand new map Tideway, can now be played in a night time version. Only official Co-op playlists will feature night maps, not PvP. We excluded PvP for a few reasons, primarily because of balance issues and the fact that in the previous Insurgency PvP night maps were very unpopular. You can read more about this decision in our State of Production #9 post here.
  • Enemy AI have lower visibility and night-appropriate responsiveness
  • Enemy AI will call out if they see a player’s flashlight
  • Enemy AI Breachers and Advisors make use of weapon flashlights to locate and blind players
  • When players respawn in Hardcore Checkpoint, they will have a flashlight equipped on their default bolt-action rifle

Night Equipment

      • Available in the Accessory slot
      • Each faction has two available types, with different image qualities and FOVs
      • Each type is available in Green, Amber, White Phosphor, and Multicolor color filters
      • Increases nighttime visibility substantially, but still will have dark spots where there is little ambient light
      • When worn, will slow down aiming down sights speedNight-vision Goggles (SOF NVGs, MIL-SPEC NVGs, Civilian NVGs, Military NVGs)
    • Infrared Laser weapon upgrade (IR Laser Sight)
      • Available for all Primaries and Secondaries
      • Projects a laser beam and dot only visible when wearing Night-vision Goggles
      • Helps target enemies without ADS and indicate to teammates which angle you are watching
      • Useful when combined with NVG Point Shooting upgrade (see below)
  • Infrared Flashlight weapon upgrades (IR Flashlight)
      • Available for all Primaries and Secondaries
      • Projects a beam of light in a cone only visible when wearing Night-vision Goggles
      • Useful in very dark areas that Night-vision Goggles can’t fully illuminate
  • Flashlight weapon upgrades (Flashlight)
      • Available for all Primaries and Secondaries
      • Projects a high intensity beam of light in a cone
      • Useful to see targets far away and to blind enemies, but will reveal your position
  • Night-vision Scopes (4x SU230 NV, 7x Sniper Scope NV, etc)
      • Available for 4x and 7x optics
      • Attaches a second scope to an existing optic to give its sight picture White Phosphor night vision
      • If Night-vision Goggles of a different color filter are worn when aiming down a Night-vision Scope, the scope’s sight picture will appear as the color filter of the Night-vision Goggles
  • NVG Point Shooting weapon upgrade
    • Available for all Primaries and Secondaries
    • If selected for a weapon, when aiming down sights while wearing NVGs, free-aim will disable and the weapon will “lock” to a position where it points to the center of the screen
    • Useful when combined with IR Laser Sight weapon upgrade
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed an issue where explosive damage mitigation from Light Armor and Heavy Armor wasn’t being applied correctly
  • Fixed an issue with controllers in the Loadout menu that would unintentionally exit the menu when attempting to accept changes
  • Fixed an issue with most pants clipping with the Insurgent leather jacket items
  • Fixed an issue when using a shotgun with flechette rounds and scavenging rounds that would prevent the player from reloading even though the animation would play
  • Fixed an issue with clipping on the insurgent T-shirt cosmetics and most pants
  • Fixed an issue with the community server browser search function not working correctly
  • Fixed an issue with the Audio Options footer displaying in the middle of the screen instead of the bottom.
  • Fixed an issue where pressing the Escape key to go back while in the Play menu would take you back two screens
  • Fixed an issue when cancelling the M16A2 reload animation with a bipod equipped that would cause an unintended animation
  • Fixed an issue in the Settings menu where color sliders were nor properly aligned
  • Fixed an issue where long mod names would overflow the text box by adding scrolling text
  • Fixed alignment issues in the mod download indicator
  • Fixed an issue where players would be unable to cancel a resupply animation while at a Supply Crate
  • Fixed an issue when using a controller in the Settings menu pressing B or Circle would not save adjustments to slider options
  • Fixed an issue where controllers could not adjust gamma in the Settings menus
  • Fixed an issue where users could cause mods to download multiple times by unsubscribing and resubscribing while the download was in progress
  • Fixed an issue on the community server browser where changing a filter would immediately start a search but any additional filter changes during that search would be ignored in the results
  • Fixed an issue with the M240B where certain upgrades would be clipped through during the reload animation
  • Fixed an issue with the AKM speed reload with a drum magazine that was preventing subsequent speed reload animations from playing
  • Fixed an issue on Frontline where players were unable to plant explosives to destroy a Weapon Cache if it had previously been planted and control of the proceeding objective and changed hands
  • Fixed multiple instances of text overlaps in various Lessons
  • Fixed animation issues with the ACE 52 while sprinting in Hardcore mode
  • Fixed an issue with the Tavor 7 where the 4x M150 optic was displayed twice
  • Fixed an issue in the Settings menu where the wrong title was displayed when hovering over optic Sensitivity Scale settings
  • Fixed an issue with player reports where long messages would make the cancel and submit button move off screen
  • Fixed an issue in the community server browser where the where the UI would report the wrong number of total servers found by a search when viewing favorites
  • Fixed an issue in Co-op scenarios that prevented friendly AI from detonating a Weapon Cache after planting the explosives
  • Fixed an issue causing “Camera Zoom” and “Camera Speed” hints to show in the Spectator mode when they were not applicable
  • Fixed an issue that would incorrectly trigger an error message when submitting a rating for a mod from the Mod menu
  • Fixed the alignment of the pause screen in ultrawide resolutions
  • Fixed an alignment issue in the Settings menu when using a controller the image of the controller wouldn’t be fully on screen in certain situations
  • Fixed an issue in the mod menu where you could get stuck with an infinite loading icon under certain conditions
  • Fixed a bug where kills with a scavenged weapon would count twice
  • Fixed an issue with NVIDIA Ansel support that was causing 360 images to stitch together incorrectly
  • Fixed an issue that would cause players to stop running when they moved up a slope with a sufficiently high incline
  • Fixed a memory leak on the community server browser screen that could occur when rapidly hitting the refresh button
  • Fixed an issue where AI could see through smoke once they approached the edge of it
Known Issues
  • Occasionally when loading a new map, no class or factions are available to be selected until the player leaves and rejoins. This issue will not occur in official matchmaking. The issue is actively being investigated with the assistance of Epic.
  • When scavenging ammunition from certain weapons with a skin, the skinned magazine will only display in third-person and not in first-person
  • A new player’s default cosmetics that they see on start up may sometimes not be of a consistent color scheme. Please go down to supply and bitch to whoever is on duty until they give you the right gear.
  • When using the Picture-in-picture Scope Setting, some optics may not display correctly
  • While aiming down sights with some illuminated optics will cause the crosshair to stutter when the weapon is moved
  • Some hints that reference key bindings are showing as <Unbound> in the loading screen dialogue
  • There are some cosmetic clipping issues that are only visible when players join a round that is already in progress
  • Bots are not responding to the Intimidate voice over Comms Menu command
  • The Commander voice over for requesting an observer while attempting to use Binoculars away from an Observer is not always playing properly
  • AKM underbarrel grenade launcher’s reload animations are missing the shells
  • Floating weapons and equipment can sometimes be seen after resupplying which could be supernaturally related (have called Epic’s Bustin’ Division [EBD])
  • There are instances in the game where an audio crackling/degradation may occur which we have diagnosed but are still working on fixing correctly
  • Purchased cosmetics are not being properly sorted at the top of the list
  • The Laser Sight is incorrectly showing the ‘New’ yellow dot indicator (intended for new night equipment) until it has been selected at least once
  • Replays recorded at night will be shown in the day
  • There is an exploitable issue with certain magazines which allows them to reload quicker than they should
  • Suicide bombers exploding can sometimes cause a crash to desktop
Hotfix 1
  • Fixed the link on the Nightstalker Pants to link to the correct DLC bundle
  • Fixed an issue with the price of the Half Wrap Plain, Black, and White cosmetic items displaying as 80 instead of 800
  • Fixed the loading screen for night maps not displaying correctly
  • Fixed the night images of maps not being shown on the map vote screen
  • Fixed the stamina screen effect displaying improperly when combined with NVGs
  • Added the “Night Equipment” playlist feature to Frenzy and Hardcore Co-op playlists
  • Set Normal, Hardcore, and Frenzy playlists to show they include “Day and Night” scenarios
  • Fixed clipping issues with the Nightstalker DLC set
  • Reduced some clipping issues with the Half Wrap Plain, Black, and White cosmetic items
Hotfix 2
    • Fixed Fire Support call ins happening too quickly with overlapping voice over
    • Fixed the remaining in-game earnable cosmetics listed cost to match their actual cost (this was resulting in people spending more than they expected and feeling like some of their coins were missing)
    • Made several fixes to Mod Editor
      • Fixed an issue with the Honey Badger model not loading
      • Added back Crossing, Outskirts, Power Plant, Precinct, and Hillside maps
      • Fixed an issue with the login button in the mod uploader
      • Fixed an issue that could cause the crash reporter itself to crash if the crash reporter was used while attempting to upload a mod
  • Fixed weapon icons appearing squished in the Loadout screen
  • Fixed DLC cosmetic items not appearing at the top of the list
  • New users are properly prompted to select a matchmaking region when they first run the game
  • Fixed the 4x C79 NV scope having black circles when aimed down sights
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