Recently, players have discussed the presence of a particular glitch present in Fortnite, linked in particular to the players’ usernames. Apparently, in fact, the elimination of a player with a Chinese character within his name can lead the game not only to annoying freezes but, in certain cases, also directly to the crash.

This is obviously not the first time that particular bugs have been found within the game. Considering the huge amount of players of the famous battle royale, it is natural that most of the glitches are discovered very quickly.

A video posted by a user on Reddit¬†shows this bug in action, with the game clearly slowing down for a few seconds immediately after the death of a player with a Chinese letter in his username. Despite being an annoying glitch, it shouldn’t affect the most competitive games too much, at least when compared to other past problems.

In the clip, the delay is only a fraction of a second. But even that can sometimes decide life and death. For example, if you fight with 2 opponents at the same time, such a delay could be fatal. According to reports from other players in the same Reddit post, this delay can also last longer and especially then, it can get really nasty. So you are almost defenceless against opponents in time, which can then collect light kills.

However, obviously it is expected that Epic Games will soon resolve the matter, and in this regard, all that remains is to wait for news from the company. Fortnite is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, Nintendo Switch, iOS and Android, with the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X versions which are currently in development.

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