There are many expectations about the presentation that Microsoft made with new games for Xbox Series X. Large franchises associated with the Xbox brand are expected to return, including Fable.

Much has been said about an alleged new installment in the franchise, but Microsoft has not confirmed anything about it. In fact, Aaron Greenberg, general manager of the Xbox marketing area, denied a recent clue about Fable and its arrival on the Xbox Series X.

Despite this, players are still hopeful of seeing the reveal of a new Fable soon. The reason? A recent move that Microsoft made related to the franchise. In recent days, Microsoft renewed the Fable trademark, further fueling rumors about the development of a new installment. The process was carried out on June 26.

Companies usually do this type of procedure all the time, but the Fable renewal undoubtedly attracts a lot of attention, since it was done just in the month in which Microsoft will make one of its most important events of the year.

On the other hand, the record indicates that the trademark was renewed with the intention of using it, suggesting that there are indeed plans for the franchise. It is important to clarify that this does not necessarily mean that there will be a new game soon, but the trademark is open for use in the future.

For some years now, there are indications that the saga is in the hands of Playground Games, the studio behind Forza Horizon. It was in 2017 that we learned that the company was busy with an open-world RPG, which was supposed to be the new Fable.

Apparently we will have to wait for little to know if Fable’s return will come true since there are already estimated dates for the Xbox Game Studios event.



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