Halo Infinite

Although all the details of the Xbox Series X have not been revealed yet. One thing for sure is that Halo Infinite will be one of the launch games and that the adventure will bring back the Master Chief.

Fans are very excited to learn more about the theme of this new installment and at this point. They are receiving more information from Mega Blocks that spoils a major plot point than from Microsoft. As the toy sets inspired by this game are anticipating various surprises that 343 Industries are saving. The most recent collectible reveals that a character in the franchise could suffer a fatal fate.

SPOILER: Below you can find important details of the Halo series that could ruin the surprise of discovering them while you play. The information is unofficial, but we still inform you that they could be spoilers for Halo Infinite.

According to a report, a recent clue had indicated the return of the Banished, a faction of the Brutes, and it seems that the newly revealed Mega Bloks set Defense Point Showdown seems to confirm the information.

But what is most striking is not that, rather, Mattel’s line of toys seems to reveal that one of the main characters in Halo 5: Guardians was a victim of the Banished. We are referring to Jameson Locke, the character who played a major role in the previous game in the series.

In the description of the toy, it is disclosed that Hyperius will be a new enemy commander. This character is of great interest because in his armor you can see that he uses Locke’s helmet as a shoulder pad. We leave you with an image of the official toys that let you see the helmet better.

Halo Toys
Image: Source

This suggests that it is very likely that the Spartan has died at the hands of the Banished and that Hyperius uses the helmet as a trophy. However, there is also a chance that Commander Brute will use the case while holding Locke captive, although this is unlikely. This suggests that Locke, who was alive at the end of Halo 5: Guardians, most likely succumbed somewhere between the events of this title and Halo Infinite.

We mention that this information is not confirmed by Microsoft, so it is still unknown what happened to Locke. These mysteries will definitely excite players more and make them want to play the new game in the franchise.

Halo Infinite will debut sometime in late 2020 and will be available on Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and PC.



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