New Resident Evil 8: Village Information Leaked Including Enemies, Boss Fight, VR support and More

Resident Evil Village

Som new Resident Evil 8: Village information has popped up online that talks about a few Enemies, the Environment, Boss Fight, Weapons, Inventory, and some miscellaneous Resident Evil Village playset information. Most interestingly, the new details also revealed that Resident Evil 8: Village will also get VR support but not until Sony is ready.

The latest information first came out from folks at relyonhorror who found the new Resident Evil 8: Village information via their friends over at BioHazard Declassified.


The information further reveals that Resident Evil 8: Village may also get a new trailer in August with the new information from Capcom. The trailer is expected to reveal more details about the Resident Evil 8 Village, another returning character and there will be “another twist”.

All the leaked details above aren’t yet confirmed by Capcom and should be treated as Rumor until we get and official statement. Resident Evil 8: Village will release next year on Xbox Series X, PlayStation 5, and PC.

Rizwan Ahmad
Rizwan Ahmad

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