Grounded, the new survival adventure game from Obsidian Entertainment is now available on Xbox Game Preview with Xbox Game Pass for PC and Steam Early Access! So, now you can purchase the game and start playing as it evolves. If you are an Xbox Game Pass member you can now pre-install Grounded to start playing as the Xbox Game Preview begins.

What is Steam Early Access?

Grounded is also available through Steam Early Access. Early Access allows you to play a game while it’s in the development phase and also helps developers to create a better game by receiving important feedback from the community.

What is Xbox Game Preview?

Similar to the Steam Early Access, the Xbox Game Preview also provides a way for Xbox One players to purchase the early preview build of a game and help developers make Xbox One games at its best before its final release.

Price and Where to Purchase Grounded?

You can now purchase the preview build of Grounded from the Microsoft or Steam online store for $29.99.

About Grounded

Grounded is a new first-person, multiplayer, survival-adventure game players wake up in a suburban backyard after being mysteriously shrunken to the size of an ant. The game features a single-player story campaign mode and Online Co-op with up to three friends.

The game also lets you explore an immersive and persistent world and also Build Bases to protect you and Craft weapons, tools, and armor.

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