PUBG Mobile Update 0.19.0 Patch Notes Released with New Map Livik and More

Livik map

Tencent has released the latest PUBG Mobile update 0.19.0 that brings new map Livik with a new 15 minutes chicken dinner challenge. The latest update also brings map exclusive weapons, monster truck, and other improvements to the game. Notably, the new PUBG Mobile Livik map is still in beta and Tencent has said that it will keep improving the Livik map for the best experience.

PUBG Mobile Update 0.19.0 Patch Notes

What’s New

  • Exclusive original LIVIK map that offers an epic experience in a Nordic terrain!
  • 52 players in a 2km x 2km map for a more exciting experience!
  • Be the winner in 15 minutes!
  • Evolve your strategies with the changing terrain!
  • Map-exclusive SMG P90 and Rifle MK12!
  • New Vehicle: Monster Truck
We will continue to improve LIVIK BETA for the best experience.

Free Rewards

Update the game between July 7th – July 13th (UTC +0) to get:

  • 2,888 BP
  • AG ×100
  • Nightmare Helmet (3d)

PUBG Mobile Update 0.19.0 Size

According to the official Reddit post, PUBG Mobile update requires approximately 1.84 GB of storage space on Android devices and 2.13 GB of storage space on iOS devices.

How to Download PUBG Mobile update 0.19.0?

The latest PUBG Mobile update 0.19.0 is now live and you can download it from the Google Play store for Android and Apple App Store for iOS devices such as iPhones or iPads. To get the latest update, you can simply update your phone to the latest PUBG Mobile version.

Spark the Flame theme

The latest update also brings the Spark the Flame theme which is now available in Classic Mode on Erangel and Miramar! there are more themes to come.

New 15 Minute Chicken Dinner Challenge

With the latest addition of the Livik map that features a 2km × 2km play area. The latest PUBG Mobile update brings a new 15 Minute Chicken Dinner Challenge or 15-minute matches, where a total of 52 players fight in a 15 minute long matches.

New Vehicle

PUBG Mobile update 0.19.0 adds new Vehicle: Monster Truck.

Monster Truck

New Weapon

The latest update also adds two new Livik map-exclusive weapons SMG P90 and Rifle MK12.

You can check out the full detailed patch notes here.

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