Rocket Arena

Electronic Arts and Final Strike Games present a new video dedicated to the game environment of Rocket Arena, the world of Crater.

After showing up during EA Play 2020, Rocket Arena is now the protagonist of a new trailer that shows the various settings in the game. The video is in fact dedicated to the world of Crater, of which we can thus admire all the various places and arenas in which the players will compete.

In addition to the video, on the official website, there is also an overview of all ten maps, which will also differ from the point of view of gameplay and possible strategies. For the uninitiated, Rocket Arena is a new multiplayer shooter created by Final Strike Games and published by Electronic Arts.

Here’s the new Rocket Arena trailer:

Rocket Arena comes to life from the EA Originals workshops, a project carried out by Electronic Arts to give space to independent works, such as the two chapters of Unravel or A Way Out. This time, however, the development team is a completely new team, the Final Strike Games.

Although it was formed only in 2016, Rocket Arena will be its first title to see the light. We must not doubt the skill of the studio at all, in fact, within this team, we find real veterans of the video game world. Many of them have already worked on successful titles, such as Halo 5, Need for Speed ​​Carbon, and Shadow of War.

Rocket Arena Release Date

Rocket Arena will release on July 14 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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