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Activision has released recently the news of Season 9 of Call of Duty: Mobile, called Conquest, which will be available starting tomorrow, Sunday 16 August.

Conquest is packed with new content, including a major weapon update thanks to the new Weapons Master feature, the new weapon class of Tactical Rifles, the Shipment 1944 map, a new speciality, new lethal gear, a map update Battle royale and more.

This season adds a complete new Battle Pass system with tons of content for both free and premium levels, including new characters, weapon skins, weapon lucky charms, a new set of points, a new weapon and more.

The new Weapon Master feature adds a rich level of customization to all weapons with more than 50 new accessories, 20 new scopes and 60 weapon levels.

Levelling up your weapon will unlock accessories in a wide range of categories including laser, stock, rear grip, barrel, optics and more. Equip one accessory per category for up to five for even more power. Improve handling, damage range or movement speed while using your weapon’s scope mode, the options are practically limitless. The Weapon Master can also add new cosmetic elements to the weapons as needed.

Conquest brings with it new seasonal challenges for even more content, including the Amplified speciality. Amplified improves weapon swap speed and rocket launch reload speed.

The new map, on the other hand, is Shipment 1944. This small map develops around the supply crates ready to be collected at the beach. The Battle Royale map is expanding again with four new areas to explore: Outpost, Dorm, Radar Base, and Campgrounds.

Call of Duty Mobile is available on Android and iOS.


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