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Nowadays, People are more likely to spend most of their time in the digital world than offline. With this, businesses are also parallelly changing their traditional marketing strategy and opting digital marketing strategies.

When we say digital marketing, it starts with businesses who have an online presence and online presence comes when you have a website.

Business websites and apps are the two primary sources of any business to generate revenue through online when you have a relevant and good volume of traffic on your website.

Now having a website and app is not enough you need to spend some time and put some effort to get fruitful results which you’re intended while building it.

You don’t have to worry about this, as in the market we have lots of ways that can help us in generating unlimited revenues from your website and app.

Let’s start here some ways which have shown proven results to the businesses.

Data Monetization

To marketers, it’s not a new topic, but for businesses who just now entered into online businesses from offline, they may not have heard of this.

Data monetization is nothing but monetizing website traffic or app traffic or any other sources of your business which generate audience data by your business.

In businesses, you may generate data directly from subscription forms, contact forms, social media interactions, registrations, events participation, collecting second or third party data and many other sources.

The data you collected from various sources can be used to earn revenue from it by-

  • Directly selling it to third party vendors in an anonymous form,
  • Exchanging it with your partners,
  • Using it for advertising and marketing purposes such as- email & SMS marketing, running online campaigns, and many others.

Many platforms in the market can help you in doing so all in a single platform. One of such examples is Audienceplay.

Placing Ads on Website or App

It’s the most used technique by most of the marketers and also newbies. While generating your website, you must keep in mind the ad-friendly website, or you can design it according to the ad norms set by Google, and when you have enough traffic on your website or app, you can register for Google ads or any other platform.

Before registering with an ad platform, you must first read their norms and payment procedure so that it will be effortless for you to set the goals and work according to it.

For example, in Google Adsense, they have set minimum traffic on the website to register. Similarly, others also have their standards for displaying ads.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing can help you gain good revenue from your website. In this what you need to do is include a link in your website to products or services which show interest by your website or app audience.

If your audience visits and purchases that product or service from your site, you will get a certain percentage of that product or service price.

But here you need to keep in mind, the product or services you choose must be relevant to your domain topic otherwise if you select irrelevant things it disturbs your audience also you will not fulfil your purpose to gain sales from your websites.

Sell Online Products

You can sell online products such as ebooks, mobiles, any informative content, images, GIFs, videos and all other online products which don’t need any physical delivery to the customers.

With this, the gain is that you don’t need to do extra work such as packing of product or delivery to the customers. It’s better to select products which customers can click and download by sharing a key or password to the customers.

Here it’s better to sell your products rather than selling other products. Because, if something defects occur you will be responsible for that, if that is your product you can explain and resolve the customer issue in time.

Otherwise, you need to approach the vendor from where you selected the product. Building the image of your website is also essential here if you want to continue earning for the long term.

So before choosing the product, you must keep in mind all ways which can create trouble for your audience.

To Conclude

These four strategies are trending ways to generate revenue from websites. There are many more ways like you can choose an AdSense alternative instead of Adsense.

If you’re new, it will take some time for you to set and generate revenue out of your online business. In the beginning, you need to try various techniques which suit your business by taking reference of your rivals who are in a similar industry or niche.

Taking gaps and deploying these strategies into your business will fetch you a good income from online sources of your business.

Rizwan is an avid mobile geek and a gaming lover. He loves to keep a tab on new tech and loves to share the latest tech news and reviews on Smartphones, Gadgets, Apps, and more.


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