3rd Generation Under-Display Camera Technology

Xiaomi president Shou Zi Chew today unveiled the 3rd Generation Under-Display Camera Technology developed by Xiaomi engineers that features a True full-screen display. Shou also announced and confirmed that Xiaomi plans to start mass production of its 3rd Generation Under-Display Camera Technology! True full-screen displays by next year in 2021.

Shou made the announcement sharing a short teaser video featuring the 3rd Generation Under-Display Camera Technology that shows a True full-screen display on a smartphone with no hole punch or dot display.

The video below shows two devices side by side, where you can see the first device with the 3rd Generation Under-Display Camera Technology with a True full-screen display. On the right side, you can see a device with DotDisplay.

As you can see on the first device, the front camera is almost invisible and with that, you get a True full-screen display, where you won’t find any dot or hole-punch camera visible on the display.

The technology looks really great as it will almost make the front camera dot completely invisible from the display while giving the same selfie camera experience on the device.

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