Call of Duty

According to recent reports, there are currently large-scale hacker attacks on Call of Duty accounts. As it goes on, over 500,000 user accounts are said to have been taken over.

Apparently there is a large-scale hacker attack on Call of Duty or Activision accounts these days. This is not only reported by several websites but in addition, affected users complain about compromised accounts on social networks or gaming forums.

At the time the reports were published, over 500,000 accounts had already been hacked and the relevant data made public. The account details have been changed so that those affected no longer have the opportunity to regain control of their accounts.

First of all, the Twitter user oRemyy reported on the hacker attacks, before the whole thing was confirmed by other users. As it is said, almost 1,000 Activision accounts fall victim to hackers every ten minutes. Activision accounts are primarily used to log into a variety of Call of Duty games – including Warzone, Modern Warfare, and the franchise’s mobile title.

The hacked accounts give the hackers access to all the Call of Duty content of the players concerned, their pre-orders or their purchases via the official Activision website. Due to current developments, it is recommended that users change their passwords, separate the linked profiles and remove all payment data from their Activision accounts.

Activision has not yet issued an official statement on the latest reports on the hacker attacks.

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