Android 11: Top New Features and Upgrades

Android 11

The introduction of the Android operating system was no less than a revolution to the mobile phone world. Earlier, the mobile phone only was used to make calls, SMS, and some basic routine tasks. But after the Android was introduced, mobile phones were now more powerful than ever and had functions and processing almost similar to that of computers. Now everyone had a small computer in his pocket and he can perform several tasks anytime anywhere.

In terms of UI, it was really easy to use. For instance, all you have to do is to navigate via touchscreen. The first time I played the Need for Speed on my Android cell phone which I used to play on PC, I was astonished on the performance of this platform. Almost every year, Google introduces some new versions of this Android platform and the newly introduced is always more stable, powerful, and advanced than the previous version.


The current version of Android is Android 10 which is used by the majority of Android devices nowadays. But Google started to roll the Android 11 on September 8th and it will be the 11th major version of the Android.

It will take some time for all the devices to get Android. Moreover, traditionally the devices made by Google such as Nexus are always the first to the newest Google platform. This tradition may be changed this time.

In this article, we will present some of the top new Android 11 features offered by Google and how improved this platform is from the preceding Android 10.

Prioritized Notifications

In the previous version of Android, i.e. Android 10, it automatically prioritized some apps notifications while some of them weren’t prioritized. This meant that we get notifications from some apps while we weren’t aware of the others. This was a difficult thing as the OS didn’t know which is important and which is not.

The scenario is different in Android 11 and there are several different sections for each category like messages, alerts, system notifications, etc. the conversation section will show all the messages from Messenger, Insta, WhatsApp, etc. Similarly, the other section will show their respective notification also.

Another best feature regarding notifications is that you can prioritize your notifications according to your choice. Now you can prioritize your family and friends and can get their notifications on top of the bar, while the unprioritized notifications will be shown below them. This will make our experience a lot better.

The silenced notifications will also be shown in the silent section and your phone won’t ring or vibrate when that notification arrives.

Screen Recorder

Surprisingly, Android 11 comes with the preinstalled Screen recorder and we don’t have to download it from the store. It will not only free up the space of one app but from several hassles like paid apps, trial versions, etc. the screen recorder could be really useful. For instance, sometimes my friends or cousins do ask about certain problems that they aren’t able to solve in their setting of Android phones. I usually do record the screen and send them rather than typing which is a long and difficult process.

Chat Bubbles

The chat bubbles were first introduced Facebook messenger app and were the only ones to have such a feature. I liked this feature like a notification bubble popping around on your screen which was a nice experience. I did always wish that this feature should be introduced by other apps too.

But thanks to Android 11 now the chat bubbles are available for all the other apps to and you can adjust them accordingly. This will further enhance your experience and you can easily enjoy chatting while using the other apps too.

Ease for Enterprise Users

Most of the large organizations provide their employees with Android smartphones. Unfortunately, these phones are mostly controlled by the organizations and they do have the right to track all the activities on that phone. This makes the employees quite uncomfortable using the Enterprise mobile phone for their personal uses and they often carry another personnel mobile phone.

This hurdle is also eliminated by Android 11 as it allows you to have two profiles i.e. peroneal profile and work profile. Now you can easily navigate between these two profiles whenever it is needed and you won’t need to carry an extra smartphone with you.

Enhanced Privacy

The Android 11 also comes with a lot of security enhancements that were lacking for many years. As the World is digitizing, things are getting advanced and much easier than before but were certain shortcomings. Data breach, hacking, and Spywares are some of the concerning issues.

Another thing in the previous versions of Android was that once you permit some apps for location, etc. the app continues to use that permission until you manually turn that off. Surprisingly, things are different in Android 11 and as soon the app is closed, the permission is revoked.

Also, Android 11 will now auto-reset the permissions to the certain apps that granted permission from you and you haven’t used them for a while. The permissions will now be revoked and the app will now need your permission again whenever you open that app.


These were some of the latest features that are introduced by Google for Android 11. Another important thing that you must check is whether Google is rolling out Android 11 for your device or not? You can check it on Android’s official website that which phones will get Android 11. Mostly the latest and flagship phones will only able to get Android 11.

If your device does support Android 11, make sure to check for the update regularly when the specific date for your phone arrives. You can go to the setting of your phone and open the Software Update section. I Hope Android 11 brings an improved and enhanced experience for you.

Sparsh Thakrani
Sparsh Thakrani

Sparsh Thakrani is a staff writer and tech enthusiast who has enormous experience in the field of writing. He is admired for his splendid hold on the technological world. The articles and news shared by him are well researched and utmost useful to the reader.


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