Black Legend

Announced last month, Black Legend is a dark turn-based strategy RPG due out on a variety of platforms next year, including PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch and Xbox Series X/S.

Over the past few hours, the Warcave development team has published the first gameplay video of the game that is visible at the bottom of the news, and also announced a demo which is available in limited time during the Steam Game Festival: Autumn Edition that will end on 13 October.

Players will have to uncover the secrets of the main villain, the alchemist Mephisto, and defeat his cultists, supporting the city’s rebels. The players will have 15 classes, body alchemy and four instabilities that can be combined with attacks.

Black Legend will be released on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. No release date has yet been announced, but the release will take place in early 2021.

Check the new gameplay trailer of the title below:

Check the overview of the game below, via Steam:

Lead a squadron of Mercenaries into the accursed city of Grant to aid a struggling resistance against a deadly cult of fanatics. Explore deep into the city to eradicate a madness inflicting fog that shrouds the streets in this thrilling alternate history Turn-Based Strategy RPG!

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