Tripwire Interactive announced today on Twitter that the action role-playing game Maneater will also appear on Sony’s next-gen console. Owners of the PS4 version will also receive a free PS5 upgrade.

Tripwire Interactive announced today that the shark RPG Maneater will also be released for the PS5. This will already be the case at the launch of the next-gen console.

Owners of the PS4 version will also receive a free upgrade so that they can experience the title again in an improved version. These include 4K resolution at 60 frames per second, ray tracing support, the functions of the DualSense controller and much more. This upgrade will also be available on the PS5 release date.

The game will also be available for launch on the Xbox Series consoles. The less powerful Xbox Series S will run the game with a resolution of 1440p instead of 4K. PC gamers will also benefit from the technical upgrades, but these will only be submitted with an update in the coming year.

The developers also announced that no saved data will be transferred during an upgrade: “This IS a separate application/game on PlayStation 5 and trophies, stats and saves will not transfer.” On the Xbox Series X/S that’s not a problem.

Described more precisely, Maneater is an action role-playing game that contains an open game world and only offers a single-player mode. The title was launched on May 22nd of this year and is available alongside the PS4 for Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC.

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