Ghost of Tsushima 2

The Sucker Punch software house would be looking for resources for the creation of a new AAA title of Ghost of Tsushima 2.

Released on PlayStation 4 last July, Ghost of Tsushima turned out to be the latest big exclusive for the current Sony console, which is about to give way to PlayStation 5. Developed by the US software house Sucker Punch, the game has achieved a great and deserved success, thanks to the accuracy in the historical reconstruction and environments of feudal Japan, or the historical period in which the events that have as protagonist the samurai Jin Sakai take place.

Although Sucker Punch has never explicitly stated that it is interested in making a direct sequel to the game, in the last few hours some details have emerged on the net that could unmask the studio’s desire to develop a new triple-A title again set in Japan in the early 1000s.

From the page dedicated to job ad on its official website, it emerged that the company is looking for new narrative writers eager to write stories set in feudal Japan. A fairly explicit specification regarding the setting that could characterize the next game of the studio, which could be directly linked to their latest effort for PS4.

Other responsibilities required include writing lines of dialogue aimed at creating content for an open-world game, which also portends a concept-level maintenance of the line drawn by Ghost of Tsushima. Among the requisites there is in fact that of having collaborated as a game writer for more than two years in the creation of AAA open-world games.

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Since the Sucker Punch site itself does not directly mention the PS4 exclusive, it is also possible that the search for staff is aimed at developing a title independent of Ghost of Tsushima but set in the same narrative universe. At this point we just have to wait for the next few months to find out if Ghost of Tsushima 2 is already in development.

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