Final Fantasy 16

Announced during the PS5 Games Showcase last September, Final Fantasy 16 was immediately able to attract a very strong interest from not only fans of the saga but also all those who are curious to see the debut of the long-lived series of Square Enix on next-gen platforms.

Today, according to what is stated in the latest issue of the Official PlayStation Magazine, the latest title of Square Enix, Final Fantasy 16, should be an exclusive to PlayStation 5, thus confirming some old rumors.

A cold shower for all PC users and future buyers of the Xbox Series X|S, who may have to wait an indefinite period of time before getting their hands on the sixteenth chapter of one of the most important video game series ever. In fact, it has not been clarified whether this exclusivity will be perpetual or limited for a given period of time, as has very often happened within the video game industry.

At present, however, it seems very likely that, at least on the Xbox platform, the game will never see the light. Through the magazine it also emerges that the Square Enix RPG will be developed making the most of what are the technical equipment of PlayStation 5 and its accessories, both at the hardware and software level.

It is at this point clear therefore that Final Fantasy 16 will make extensive use of the peculiar characteristics of the DualSense controller, namely adaptive triggers and haptic feedback.

Furthermore, always through the pages of the official PlayStation magazine, the launch window of the title has also emerged, which should arrive already in the course of 2021 and thus confirming how the work for the development of this chapter of the series had already begun for several years.

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Unfortunately, more precise information has not been provided regarding the release date and for this reason all that remains is to wait for new communications from Square Enix and Sony over the next few months.


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