Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory

Kingdom Hearts fans can check out the latest adventure in the popular RPG series today. The demo version of Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory will be available for download today on PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

Anyone interested in the rhythm game of Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory can download the official demo starting today. The English test reports can already be found on the Internet.

The demo version offers you four Field Battle Music Stages and two Co-op Music Stages for a total of six playable songs. These are standard levels that you can use to decide whether you like the game or not. Playback data and recordings are not saved.

In this test, the co-op variant is particularly praised, which is supposed to provide significantly more fun. The principle remains the same, but is supplemented by several combo functions. In the main menu we see that a chronicle will be available to you. You can find this under the menu item Museum and will record all important events during the course of the game.

The only point of criticism is the delay in some keystrokes, which will certainly be fixed by the final version.

In the full version, however, you can expect at least 140 songs and 20 characters from the Kingdom Hearts series. In addition to the single-player and co-op campaigns, the game also has a multiplayer feature, which is a much greater challenge.

Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory will be released on November 13th for PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. By the way, those who pre-order the digital version of the game will receive a free PS4 theme.

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