TRUiC Launches a Brand New AI-Powered Logo Maker


When it comes to the creative side of a business, you need to know what are the right tools to use. Designing a logo is very important because it’s the main representation of your brand and how you convey yourselves visually. By choosing the font, slogan, icon or symbol and colours, you’re choosing the first impression that you want to give to customers. 

In order to make your logo look professional, unique and be memorable, you need to have a good logo maker for that. So we have listed the top three logo makers that are used globally.

TRUiC logo maker

This free tool offers you a hassle-free and fun experience when you try to design your own logo. There are thousands of templates to choose from and created by over 700 industry professionals. You can make your logo from scratch and download it for free in a high-resolution SVG format. There’s no login required, which means you can use this tool maker multiple times and within a quick time frame.

It’s the best logo maker out there, especially for businesses and freelancers that want to keep all costs to a minimum. You’re guaranteed to get professional results, no issues, freedom to commercial rights and guidance on how to create the ideal logo for you. There are no limitations whatsoever for the features that you can use, which means that you can freely choose the right colours, text, symbols, icons and outlines for your design.


This is also an easy tool to use and allows you to create a basic logo in a short amount of time. There’s preset graphic tools such as icons and fonts, which can be handy if you have no experience in designing. However, you have to bear in mind that there’s no advanced effects and there’s limits when using logos. But what makes this tool one of the best in the world is that it only costs 99 cents to download your logo.

Adobe illustrator

Adobe is one of the most recognised brands and it’s great for advanced designers to use. There’s unlimited tools on Adobe illustrator, but it can be too complicated for beginners to use or for someone who just wishes to create a logo. It’s more ideal for people in the creative industry that have some knowledge about graphic design. However, it’s still considered to be one of the best logo makers out there, since it offers high quality finishing touches to all designs.

Our say

The three logo makers that we have chosen bring many benefits for different businesses. But the best one that we highly recommend to all business owners is the TRUiC logo maker. We have chosen this tool because from our experience we are truly satisfied with the features that it has and the fact that they offer a free service that’s professional.

As we highlighted above that you have the full freedom and capacity to get creative, you can test out different logos as many times as you want and it’s an easy system to navigate on. 

Why should I use a logo maker instead of hiring a professional?

Even though it may seem like it’s convenient and logical to hire a professional for any services that you need, sometimes it may not work out or meet your expectations. With a professional graphic designer you have the pressure of having to come up with a logo idea and paying for services that are just a one time experience.

Whereas if you choose to use a logo maker, you can play around with the tools, take your time and design your ideal logo without any rush and as many times as you want to.

Are all logo makers free?

Not all logo makers are free and can even total up to the same amount that you would be paying for hired professional help. Whereas other tools may just charge you a small fee for downloads or advanced features. However, with TRUiC logo maker, you’re not paying for anything at all and you still get a high-resolution logo with commercial rights usage. It’s a win-win situation for everyone.


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