How to Expand or Increase OnePlus TV Storage Space – 6 Steps to Follow

OnePlus TV

One Plus TV comes with 16GB storage space, out of which 7.4GB covers the Android OS, and only 8.6GB are limited to Apps, Data, and Media. The TV usage for media consumption from OTT Apps, for instance, Prime Video or Netflix wouldn’t require to have a huge space. But what if you want to play your favorite games on your TV? This is when the problem comes in and the need to expand the storage space is inevitable.

So, how do you expand the storage space of your One Plus TV? The options are there and the steps very simple to follow and execute. But before that, you need to know the following.

  • You must have a Pen Drive or USB Hard Drive. A USB of 3.0 will be very ideal.
  • You should backup all your content from the USB drive before you use it as internal storage. The reason behind this is pretty simple, it would be formatted in the process.
  • You should know that the storage added would not be conjoined to the internal storage. It will, however, make that extra partition where you can install any large size games or apps.
  • You are advised not to disconnect the drive during the entire process.
  • The other thing you should know is that all the apps cannot be transferred to the USB Drive even after expanding the storage. A lot of the apps with a small size will install only on the internal space. By doing so, there will be no way to transfer.
  • The last major point to know is that many of the apps may fail to work properly if the USB Drive stops working or when it is disconnected. This is because a part of the App Data will be on the USB Drive. The solution to this is to follow the sixth step before embarking on disconnecting the drive.

That is all you need to know before the process of increasing the storage begins. So, let’s now move to the steps to increase the storage space of your One Plus TV. Bet me, they are very simple.

Step 1

The first step is to connect your USB Drive to the TV. After a successful connection, you should go to settings. In the settings section, scroll to more settings and then later move to storage. The internal shared storage will be listed by the device storage whereas the USB Drive will be listed by the removable storage.

Step 2

We are now in the second step where you are required to select the USB Drive and click on “Erase & Format as Device Storage”. A confirmation notification will then appear. After the confirmation message, you should select Format, and guess what? The USB will now be formatted and can therefore be used as the Device storage. This process should only last around 20 to 40 seconds at maximum.

Another important thing to be aware of in step two is that during the formatting process, there will be a notification that will pop up on the screen. The notification will read, “External device ejected”. What follows the notification is the screen going blank. This may frighten many users. But do not worry, it is only a part of the whole process.


When the formatting is complete, your Home screen will be loaded. Immediately after your Home screen has successfully loaded, go to settings. In the settings section, proceed to More settings and then storage. To confirm that the process is successful and you are on the right move, you should notice this important change. The internal storage and USB drive will be listed in the Device Storage this time around.

Step 4

You are now in step 4 and very close to being done with the process. Select the USB Drive and click on “Migrate Data to this Storage”. This action will move the app data and all large apps to the USB drive partition. Do not be in a hurry to jump to the next step. Have patience and wait until the transfer process is completed.

Step 5

You are now an inch closer. Install any game with large size. The process is easy. Just go to settings. While in the settings part, move to Apps and have a look for the App Information of your installed game. You should know that the storage used will be displayed as USB Drive. Do not worry if you need to change the storage partition for Apps or Games that uses or supports the same feature. This simple decision or action is only a click away and hooray! You already have changed the storage partition for Apps or Games that support the feature.

Step 6

Do you remember what we said about the USB Drive stopping working or the USB Drive being disconnected? Pay attention. The point is clarified in this step.

If you want to disconnect the Drive at any point, you should first uninstall all the large size Apps that you have installed on the USB Drive. An alternative is to transfer to the internal storage if that is if there is enough space there.

Now go to settings. After settings, you should proceed to more settings and then navigate to storage. In the storage section move to internal storage and select “Migrate Data to this storage”. That will transfer the app data back to the internal storage.

After you are done with that, select USB Drive in storage and click “Erase & Format as Removable Storage”. In this section, you should first select “Backup Apps” to transfer the Apps to Internal storage. After that is done, you should select “Format” to complete the process. Congrats. You have achieved what you wanted.


With OnePlus TV, do not let insufficient storage space limit your freedom to enjoy your favorite games. As seen, the six-step procedure is a piece of cake to execute or implement. Follow them, and get the best out of your OnePlus TV. For more details on increasing the storage space on the OnePlus TV you can also check out the official OnePlus forum tutorial here.

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