New Mass Effect

The BioWare book published recently includes three artworks for the recently announced Mass Effect sequel. These are reminiscent of Andromeda from 2017 and offer plenty of scope for interpretation.

On November 7th, a continuation of the action-packed RPG of Mass Effect series was announced alongside the Legendary Edition. Now the first artworks for this part have appeared which give you the first insight.

These photos are from the book BioWare: Stories and Secrets from 25 Years of Game Development published today. The three artworks were uploaded to the Tumblr blogging platform recently. We have also included them at the end of this news.

The first photo apparently shows a so-called “mass relay”, a means of mass transport, of which countless copies are on the move all over the Milky Way. The writing “MR-7” can be seen here. In the second picture we see an imposing structure that is a little reminiscent of the Andromeda part from 2017.

The last artwork is also reminiscent of Mass Effect: Andromeda. There we see the silhouettes of several figures, which probably belong to the Angara species. These come from the eponymous Andromeda galaxy. Do the developers want to suggest a return to Andromeda?

In any case, there is a lot that can be interpreted into the artworks shown. Where exactly and at what time the new Mass Effect game will take place is currently completely uncertain. The title is still in its early stages of development and is being developed by an experienced team made up of series of veterans.

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