With a PS5 firmware update, further improvements will be made to the new Sony console. The changelog does not provide details. There is only talk of improving system performance.

After the PlayStation 5 was brought onto the market with some problems, Sony pushes a new PS5 firmware update today. This upgraded the new console to version 20.02-02.25.00.

The corresponding changelog is not really extensive. It simply says: “Version: 20.02-02.25.00. This system software update improves system performance.” The size of the PS5 firmware update is stated as 886 MB. It seems that the updates on the new console are a bit bigger too.

Given that PS5 users have a number of issues with the new console, it is to be hoped that the latest update will solve some of the early teething problems.

During the morning we reported that many PS5 owners were having problems with sleep mode. It crashes the console and can destroy large parts of the game’s progress.

Previously it was leaked that the PS5 is struggling with a download error that requires a reset to the factory settings. Downloads that have been started can neither be continued nor be canceled for the affected players.

In Europe and the rest of the world, the PS5 will not be available until November 19, 2020. Most of the errors should be corrected by this time, which reverses the additional waiting time into an advantage.


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