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Sony Interactive Entertainment has released a new promotional video for PlayStation 5 with tennis player Naomi Osaka. The video in question, which lasts just over three minutes, also includes 33 seconds of unreleased gameplay dedicated to Resident Evil Village, the new chapter of the famous Capcom horror saga.

In these seconds it is obviously not possible to get a clear idea of ​​the title in question but it is still clear how the gameplay will be almost identical to that of Resident Evil 7. You can find the clip in question in the video at the bottom of this news  (at 1:46 minute).

The story of Resident Evil Village, according to the latest rumors, will take place seven years after the previous chapter. We will be called again to play the role of Ethan Winters and his path will cross with that of  Christopher  “Chris”  Redfield,  after the two had met at the end of the seventh chapter.

Their new meeting, in Village, however, will not be the best as evidenced by the launch trailer. The setting will be a clear change of direction from the past, as we will be dealing with cults and what appear to be werewolves. No zombies or biological weapons, therefore, can be seen and it could make many historical fans of the saga to experience something completely new.

According to some rumors, Capcom would be working in parallel with the sequel to Resident Evil 7, the remake of the fourth chapter, Resident Evil 4 Remake, and another remake still shrouded in mystery. For now, no news on a possible remake of Dino Crisis is known.

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