The Last of Us Part II

As reported by NintendoSmash, The Last of Us Part II will support the haptic feedback of the DualSense controller of PlayStation 5, the new Sony home console, available in the USA starting November 12th.

In their recent article, they stated that they had the opportunity to test the backward compatibility of PlayStation 4 titles on the next-generation console and that they were particularly impressed by the improvements made to the works.

More specifically, the article focuses on the new features introduced within The Last of Us Part II, the latest effort by Naughty Dog. The title will fully exploit the potential of DualSense, in order to make the gaming experience even more suggestive and immersive.

We have had the opportunity to play some PS4 retro-compatible titles. Those games can be played with our DualShock in the traditional way, but if we play with the DualSense controller we will also benefit from some specific hardware improvements.

We’ve been struck by how haptic vibration works in a game like The Last of Us Part II. Not only do we get a feel for it when we ride, right at the start of the game, but we can even feel the vibration with some guitar chords that sound like a soundtrack.

If The Last of Us Part II supports haptic feedback, it cannot be ruled out that other backward compatible titles may actually receive improvements on the new generation PlayStation 5 console. The new DualSense controller and its many features, including haptic feedback, are have been specifically designed to make the game experience as realistic and immersive as possible, in order to catapult players directly into the game.

We just have to wait for more information on the improvements that could also be included within the other games that will be backwards compatible on the new generation console.

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