Why Your Instagram Followers are Less and How to Increase Them?


Most people are still struggling to get Instagram followers. Even after posting regularly and using proper hashtags and location if your Instagram followers are not increasing. Then what are the reasons behind it? If you wish to know the reasons why your Instagram followers are not growing, then keep reading this post!

1. Not using Instagram insight-

Instagram offers an analytic tool called insight that provides statistics of each post. Anita users can take time and look at the inside to know which post is performing well and what types of post your audience like to see. Thus, creating more search posts to engage more audience.

For example,- if a particular post is getting high engagement, it means the Instagram algorithm understands it as valuable content and shares it with more audiences.

2. Instagram stories- 

Instagram stories are recognized as the best feature of Instagram. If you do not have more Instagram viewers, that must be due to the fact that you are not making use of the full potential of their features.

Every day more than 400 million stories are posted, and if you are not receiving viewers, then that is because your content is unrelated or does not hold the interest of your followers. The best way to grow your Instagram followers is to create engaging stories. If you are including more than one story, then stories must be connected and interesting from beginning to end.

Posting diverse content on Instagram stores is beneficial as it stays for one day on your Instagram and makes your profile more appealing.

3. No clear and concise theme/Niche-

Most of the pages don’t have more followers or struggle to get followers because they don’t have a theme or specific Niche. Having a theme is an essential part of creating an Instagram page. Your Niche could be anything- photography, fashion, bakery, animal and wildlife, etc.

If you don’t have any Niche for your page theme, your followers will never get attracted or engaged. The main goal of building any Instagram page is to get active and potential users. You should have a theme or Niche that is interesting and engaging, like- style, travel, nature, fitness, etc.

3. Buying fake followers-

Buying fake followers can cause great harm to your Instagram account or business. Your audience can look and understand if your followers are fake or real. The audience will be less likely to follow those accounts having inactive followers.

You should always buy Instagram followers with Upleap who are real and not fake. It Will take some time and effort to research and buy real followers, but it will be very helpful in growing your business.

5. Editing

In addition to having a consistent theme, you should have good editing quality. You can create content in black and white, unsaturated, or over-saturated. But choose one of the styles which are fit for you and catch the attention of your audience.

Having too many things going in one place can distract and take you away from creating valuable content.

6. Crop your photo wrongly- 

Most of your audiences use their device in the vertical position, so posting a landscape can be tricky. Always crop your photos 4 into 5 resolutions as it will take more space on your follower’s feed. Post, which takes more space, catches more attention than those having tiny landscape photos.

So these can be some of the reasons why you are not able to get more followers on your Instagram page. If you keep in mind all the above points and create posts properly and know what your account is lacking, you can quickly increase your followers. However, this process can be very time-consuming. It may take from months to years to increase your followers to a fair number.

If you wish to get more followers instantly, then buy Instagram followers from a reputable site. These sites offer packages of Instagram likes, follows, and comments. These packages are very affordable and can be bought easily.

All you need to do is make adequate research and find a suitable size of Instagram followers package and but it!


Grow instantly- 

Increasing followers of your page on your own can be a challenging task. It will take lots of time and research to create a post and find out what your customers like. However, if you want to grow your account instantly and increase your Instagram followers, you can buy them from a reputable site.

The best thing about buying Instagram followers is that they deliver the followers as soon as you make payment.

Easy process- 

This is the most straightforward process of growing your business on Instagram. There are some sites offering you real Instagram followers and helps you get potential customers. Also, so the process of buying the followers is very easy. All you need to do is select the package size of how many followers you require and make payment.

Also, you are needed to provide the account name and make your account public so that the site can deliver the audience directly into your account. Hence, you get the audience very easily following this procedure.

Real followers- 

If you try to use a bot to get Instagram followers, you will end up with fake followers. Having fake followers generated by bots can result in banning or removal of your Instagram page. Thus, you should not make use of such tricks to increase your followers. Instead, go for buying Instagram followers.

Sites offer real followers, and it is an affordable and most accessible way to increase your business. When you have real followers on your account, it will build trust among others who will check your account. Thus, they will be motivated to follow and trust your brand.

Sell your products- 

When you have more Instagram followers, then you can easily get potential customers. These customers will not only like your post, but they will also engage and buy your product. Hence you can build trust among these customers and can sell your product. When your customers share your page or post with others, it will help you increase your Instagram followers, and you can quickly become popular.

Get time to make more content- 

When you buy Instagram followers, you will be getting more time to enhance your skills and creating more compelling content. The followers you will buy will not leave your page or unfollow you. Thus, you can focus on trying out new things, creating more content, and more products that are appealing to your audience.


If you have geunine Instagram followers, they will give you feedback about whether they like your product/post or not. You can choose to publish those comments and feedbacks, which are positive, and when more people read the positive comments, they will trust your brand. Also, feedback will help you improve your product and help you learn what your customers actually like.

We hope that this post was useful in understanding how to increase your Instagram followers. Following the above tips and buy Instagram followers from a suitable site as it will surely help you a lot, and you will be able to create your brand awareness easily.


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