Days Gone and More PlayStation Games Coming to PC This Spring With New VR for PS5

Days Gone

In the latest Q&A interview session with gq-magazine, Sony Interactive Entertainment president and chief executive officer, Jim Ryan shared some new details on the company’s strategic plans for the year ahead. The two most exciting details that Ryan shared is that the team at Sony is working on a completely new VR format for PS5 and more PlayStation games are coming to PC.

Ryan confirmed that more PlayStation games are coming to PC starting with PS4 exclusive Days Gone this spring, 2021. Ryan didn’t reveal any other game coming to the PC but he definitely made it clear that PC players can expect more PlayStation games coming to PC this year, 2021.


When asked about what the new VR format for PS5 will actually be called, Ryan skipped that saying, currently we are not calling it anything. However, Ryan said that the new VR headset for PS5 ”will be a completely new VR format for PS5.”

”We’re not calling it anything at the moment.

So this will be a completely new VR format for PS5. PlayStation has considered VR as a strategic opportunity and a big innovation story. We think there are two themes that you’re going to see: us capturing the technological progress that has taken place since the present VR system came to market and a considerable amount of lessons learned. Because the present system was our first one. [Changes will be] things like moving to a very easy single-cord setup with this one and many other similar learnings. Dev kits are about to go out.”

Moreover, Ryan said that the company will continue releasing more old games for free for PlayStation Plus subscribers as part of Sony’s Play At Home, initiatives.

Update: Days Gone is now available on PC via Steam and Epic Games Store.

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