The Ultimate Guide to Traveling Cheap in 2021


It’s safe to say that traveling will look a whole lot more interesting in 2021 than it did last year. But what will traveling look like and more importantly, how does traveling cheap work? The pandemic has left millions of workers around the world financially restricted. With limited funds and a desire for travel, how exactly do you pull off traveling on a small budget? We’ve brainstormed the main ways to travel cheap in 2021 and are presenting them here to you. (You’re welcome).

1. Know what Countries Are Cheap and How to Visit Them.

If you want to visit Mexico for example, stay away from all the places you’ve heard about. Instead of Cancun and Cabo, veer away from tourism and visit Mexico City and the Yucatan Peninsula instead. There are tons of waterfalls, jungles, and ancient city ruins to explore outside of tourist lands.

The best part? The Mexican peso is one of the most affordable currencies in terms of exchange rate right now. Get ready to spend a day in these areas on a backpacker’s budget of just $40. Some other cheap countries to consider include Vietnam, Thailand, Romania, Ukraine, Brazil, Cuba, Morocco, and Cape Verde. Do your research and find the places that speak to you.

2. Know your Factors of “Cheap”

What exactly does it mean to travel cheap? In other words, what factors of traveling contribute to the overall picture of traveling cheaply?  In our view, cheap destinations contain the following qualities:

  • Cheap attractions
  • Affordable hotels
  • Reasonable commutes
  • Awesome street food
  • Various options for travel: bus, train, boat, plane, dragon, etc.

A cheap travel is also one in which you can accommodate maximum number of attractions in a visit. If your bags restrict you from doing so, opt to store them away with a service like luggage storage Port Authority and tick all those attractions off your checklist, if visiting New York City.

Cheap traveling also means finding the flight prices that you can afford. Consider Airfarewatchdog for planning out your flight budget.

3. Know the Value of Currency

Did you know that for the price of just one meal in London, you could visit a whole day of attractions in cheaper countries like Mexico, Indonesia, and Turkey? Do some research and find the value of your dollar before you set your sights on a destination that’s out of your reach.

4. Know how to Start Saving More

Traveling cheap doesn’t mean you don’t have to save up. The more money that you can set aside, the better off you’ll be in accommodations. Try looking for gigs as a digital nomad while you’re away or pick up that side hustle delivery job to pitch in just a bit extra for your trip.

Start cutting back on regular purchases you don’t really need. Consider ending your streaming subscriptions and look into savvy ways to save money on bills. All of these extra savings can go towards your dream trip.

Need help staying motivated? Here are some motivation tips that will keep the fire burning as you save for your next destination adventure.

5. Know Why You’re Going

Are you creating the wedding of your dreams or a romantic getaway? Travel cheap but travel chic. Really consider which areas serve you the perfect blend of affordability and beauty. If you’re looking for cool new ways to plan your wedding, check out these wedding apps for the ultimate wedding planning experience.


Traveling cheap is totally doable if you’re willing to travel to places that know the value of your hard-earned dollar. As long as you set your sights on somewhere practical and do your best to save extra money on the side, you’ll be out there exploring in no time. Don’t let the ease of the digital nomad life fool you.

It takes hard work to plan your travel budget, and hard work to save money in the first place. The months that you restrain yourself from splurging on those new gadgets and shoes will be well worth it once you’re standing on the top of a foreign mountain. You’ve got this!


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