Seems like a new PS5 system update is now available for download. According to the Reddit user stali84, a new PS5 system update is now available with firmware version 20.02-02.50.00.

The latest system update 20.02-02.50.00 for the PS5 seems to be 860MB in size and improves the system performance. The latest update is also said to bring a fix for the issue where the PS4 game version was installed from disc, even after upgrading the game to the PlayStation 5 version.

Kindly note, that the official PS5 system software update release note is still awaited, but what we have right is given below.

PS5 System Update 20.02-02.50.00 Release Notes

  • The following issue was resolved: The PS4 version of the game was sometimes installed from the PS4 game disc even after upgrading the disc version of a PS4 game to the PS5 version.
  • This system software update improves system performance.

A user after updating to the latest PS5 system update reported that the sound from the disk drive almost disappeared when he put the disk on it.

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