Hosting: Using the Internet as a Way of Life


It is incredible how access is available to anything and everything within a click on our smart devices. Elaborating on said point, it is a well-known fact that the internet can take many forms, especially in the modern era. The internet could be anything from a place of work to a friend who helps you with your dilemmas. The technical aspects enabling the internet to have different identities are called domains.

Domains are spaces that hold several websites under a specific name. This means that each and every single web page we access has an owner. This owner of a said web page is called the domain owner.


Domains are of two major categories, Windows hosting and Linux Reseller hosting, both of which serve different purposes for the kind of websites that need to be created.

For example, if a website is more script-oriented than design and picture, it will require a particular system and vice versa. When a website needs to be created, it is necessary to understand the essential choices to create one efficiently.

Domain holders are one of the most happening and profiting businessmen out there, as the requirement for an online presence of any organization is at utmost necessity at the moment. When we come across something, the first thing is to check its online presence, read a review about it, and analyze its quality, background, and so and so of the said product. For that to be made possible, the product manufacturer needs to make sure that it has a positive online presence.

Why is it so important? A lot of customer appreciation and criticism is available online. The days where the word about a product was passed on and then categorized as good or bad have now come to an end. How is it possible to create and maintain a positive online presence? Through creating a web page dedicated to the manufacturing company and its products with experts’ consultation.

The obvious target is attracting people who come across the said webpage and making purchases even after he/she has access to several reviews and comments. What is visible to the consumers will and must be in total control of the creator.

There are many sources available to create a webpage. For example, WordPress allows its members to create their own pages and styles. As it is more of a script-oriented website, it is easier for an individual to make his/her webpage – blog or a site. But when it comes to creating a more visual website, the given formats need to be analyzed and designed according to its specific target audience.

The choice is ultimately the creator’s, but the options available vary largely on the hosting that the domain or the webpage comes under, namely Windows hosting or Linux hosting.

The perks of being a reseller:

With the increasing demand for websites, investing in domains can be a great strategy to gain a significant profit. The middleman – the reseller, can benefit by investing his/her money on a monthly or annual basis for a specific number of domains. Each domain he/she invests in can be further given a specific brand name. So now the reseller has his/her brand name for domains and gets to resell it to clients looking to create a web page at a profit. The profit that the reseller obtains is entirely up to individualistic choice and technique.

The reseller can also benefit by choosing to act as the designer for the web pages, thereby ultimately satisfying his/her clients. Creativity and hands-on knowledge on web page designing will serve as the icing on the cake.

The best part of choosing to be a reseller is that the investment put upon creating a personalized domain can be very fruitful, so much so that it can become a source of steady income. Of course, it entirely depends on the contacts one obtains and the ability to uphold promises made overhand. But if successful, it can be an auspicious opportunity on its own.


The graph portraying the importance of websites and web pages will not see a low even in the far future with devices being transport-friendly anywhere, anytime deliverance of one’s needs. The fact is that investment plays a better role in one’s life than the money that one makes. The right investment can lead us to a brighter and rewarding future. Choose wisely and understand the logistics behind hosting needs.

Rizwan Ahmad
Rizwan Ahmad

Rizwan is an avid mobile geek and a gaming lover. He loves to keep a tab on new tech and loves to share the latest tech news and reviews on Smartphones, Gadgets, Apps, and more.


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