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When will the PlayStation 5 restock in India? well nobody including Sony has the answer to this question for now. PlayStation 5 went for pre-order in India at 12 PM (noon) on Thursday, May 27 and as expected it got out of stock within a minute. Now, PlayStation fans in India have no knowledge of when will the PlayStation 5 Restock in the country.

If you go to the Amazon India website, you see the PlayStation 5 listing which says ”Currently unavailable (We don’t know when or if this item will be back in stock).” While on the other hand, the Flipkart listing of the PlayStation 5 listing says ”Coming Soon”.

As always, Sony again failed to provide enough PlayStation 5 stock in India. All the PlayStation 5 units went out of stock so quickly even some people were unable to add them to their cart. What we have learned from the past, we shouldn’t expect a decent amount of PlayStation 5 stock in India anytime soon.

However, in this case, what you can do is, you can use Flipkart’s Notify Me option if you are going to purchase PlayStation 5 from Flipkart. By doing this you can get the notification as soon as the PlayStation 5 restock on Flipkart.

ps5 restock

While, on Amazon, you can use the ”Add to Wish List” option to add the PlayStation 5 to your product wish list. Doing this will get you alert about when the PlayStation 5 restock in India.

So, when should you expect the next restock of the PlayStation 5 in India? Well, Gadget 360 report’s that Sony Center and Flipkart have said to expect deliveries starting June 7. By around 12:05pm. While Amazon is giving an approximate delivery date between June 8-11. Meanwhile, Croma was saying that it would deliver to my home by June 11.

If you are from the US, you can buy the PlayStation 5 from BestBuy and Walmart, and other online stores.

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